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Free Gift: Practical Tips & Recipes for Healthy Blending

This 50-page guidebook is full vital tips, practical advice, and delicious recipes that is perfect for new Vitamix owners. Here’s what you will find inside:

Vitamix Bonus: Tips and Recipes
  • How to avoid the 3 mistakes new Vitamix owners make
  • Discover the golden ratios that make experimenting with your own recipe ideas both easy and fun
  • The secret to thick & creamy smoothies without added fat
  • How to have healthy snacks ready all week long
  • Master the art of making delicious ice cream
  • Make perfect dressings, marinades and sauces by uncovering the 5 keys to flavor
  • Plus 24 family-tested recipes

Think of it as your quick start guide to blending that goes beyond the owner’s manual or basic recipe book that comes with your blender.

Claim Your Free Bonus Gift

Claiming your free gift from Healthy Blender is easy. Just follow these two simple steps.

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After I confirm your order with Vitamix you will receive an email with your exclusive free gifts. I will also keep you updated with more free information on living a healthy lifestyle. If you would rather not receive my information packed newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any email from me.

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Is There a Vitamix Coupon?

No, there are no coupons, but there are free shipping promotion codes. Vitamix has never offered a coupon or promo code that provided anything more than free shipping on your order. To use my free shipping code just type it (or highlight it and copy/paste it) into the “Enter Promotion Code” box and click the “Apply” button. Then it will refresh the page and you will see “Currently applied promotions: $25 shipping discount.” Then all you have to do is click the “Checkout” button to finalize your order.

Coupon code: 06-007610

What Stores Accept the Vitamix Promotion Code?

The only store that accepts a Vitamix promotion code is the official Vitamix store. That’s where I bought our blender back in 2009 and the biggest benefit of ordering directly from Vitamix is that your warranty will be automatically activated. Plus you won't even be required to keep track of your receipt. This is important since the warranty lasts 7 years! Who knows where your receipt might get off to in that long of a period of time.

Also, ordering directly from Vitamix is easy and ensures that you will get your blender delivered quickly. Here’s a link to go straight to the Vitamix store with my free shipping code already applied to your shopping cart.

Buying a Vitamix

A Vitamix is a big purchase, but if you understand the value of a well-built professional tool you know it will last a long time and is a better deal than buying a new cheap blender every year or two. I know that there are some people who have had their Vitamix blenders for over 40 years!

If you are still unsure about your purchase you might want to read my Vitamix Review.

My Favorite Vitamix Features

My full Vitamix review is much more detailed but I just wanted to briefly mention a few of the reasons why we love our blender. We use our Vitamix everyday and I would never want to use a regular blender again. Here’s why...

  • Sheer Power

    Regular household blenders just can’t compare to the sheer power of the motor inside the Vitamix. With a peak 2 HP, my Vitamix tears through everything I put into it. It’s pretty amazing to fill the blender with all sorts of whole foods, both frozen and fresh, and watch it pulverize it into a delicious smoothie in a matter of seconds.

  • The Only Blender with a Tamper

    It may sound weird, but I LOVE the tamper. You can slide the tamper in through the lid and use it to push the food down into the blades without having to worry about the tamper itself hitting the blades. It’s perfect for making fresh nut butters, frozen treats, and crazy-thick smoothies and sauces.

  • Healthy Convenience

    This is the BIGGEST reason for us buying a Vitamix. I am able to quickly nourish my family with drinks, sauces, dips, and desserts made from healthy whole food ingredients. We are eating more raw foods than ever before. And since the Vitamix pulverizes food into microscopic pieces, I know that we are making it easier for our bodies to absorb the benefits of the healthy ingredients we use.

  • Warranty

    What really tipped me over the edge into buying a Vitamix was the stellar warranty that Vitamix includes with every order. They guarantee that the blender will work like new for 7 years! That fact gave me a lot of confidence in this company and I know I’ll be a happy Vitamix customer for the rest of my life.

Coupon code: 06-007610

Save On Your Vitamix Now

Here’s a direct link to the Vitamix Store. Make sure you use my Vitamix free shipping code 06-007610 to receive free standard shipping on your order. If you have any questions please let me know. And don’t forget to claim your FREE gift!