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Reviews of Some of My Favorite Things

My 3 Favorite Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan Cookbooks

I find that far too many people decide to go vegan and then procede to eat a diet far too reliant on processed "health" foods. What you really need is inspiration on how to transform fresh ingredients into tasty meals. These three cookbooks really focus on providing not only great recipes but also a healthy approach to cooking in general. I think a cookbook should also be an informational resource and all three of these have valuable lessons in eating with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Take a look.

Vitamix Blender: My Favorite Appliance

Vitamix 5200 Blender

When our last blender burned out my wife and I decided to invest in a high-quality blender that would last a long time. We've been very happy with our Vitamix purchase. It has really allowed us to incorporate a lot more fresh whole-foods into our everyday meals and snacks. We make a lot of smoothies in it but it also gets used for making sauces, dips, hummus, salsa, nut butters, soups and all sorts of things. For this review I made a video so you could see the blender in action. Watch it now.

Healthy Blender eBooks

Tips & Recipes for Healthy Blending

Vitamix Bonus: Tips and Recipes

When you own a high-powered blender like a Vitamix or a BlendTec you can easily create a whole world of tasty blends. This 50-page eBook will teach you how to create your own recipes by using the ideal ratios of frozen to liquid ingredients. There are tips for creating smoothies, dips, sauces, nut butters, whole-grain flours and desserts. If the only thing you ever used your blender for is crushing ice then you should definitely read this. It also includes 24 recipes to try out in your blender. Learn how to get it for free.