Healthy Blender

New Design + Updates

The new design was just launched today. I’ve been working hard on it the last few weeks and it feels good to get it done. I’ve added some new content to the site as well. Now and then I will make a post like this one to keep track of what articles I have posted to the site and let you know what to expect next. Here’s this weeks update.

New Articles Added

  • I just added a quick review of my 3 favorite vegan cookbooks. I own quite a few and these are three of my favorites.
  • I also just wrote about some simple breathing exercises that you can try out for yourself. The calming breath is especially relaxing. Give it a try.
  • And I made a quick post with some tips on throwing away less. I’d love to hear your own tips on reducing what goes to the dump.

What’s Coming Up

This week I’ll be researching breathing techniques and exercises. I know that breathing can profoundly affect our physiology and I am excited to learn more on that topic and find practical ways to be more aware of my breath throughout the day. I am reading Free Your Breath, Free Your Life by Dennis Lewis and it looks like it will be a good read. The tagline for the book is “How conscious breathing can relieve stress, increase vitality, and help you live more fully.” Who wouldn’t want to do that?

My wife is reading some natural birthing books and I’d like to talk about our decision to go with a birth center for our third baby instead of using a hospital like we did before. I think it is definitely a healthier alternative and much more in-tune with the natural process of birthing.

This week I’ll also be adding some more healthy recipes so keep an eye out for them. That’s all for now… I’m heading to the kitchen to make a smoothie. Cheers!