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Healthy Lifestyle Blog: What is Healthy?

Welcome to the Healthy Blender blog. I am on a personal quest to discover just what it is that makes a lifestyle healthy. The general idea is that we need to take a holistic approach to defining healthy. We need healthy food to fuel a healthy body and mind. And we need to maintain healthy relationships with others as well as show care and regard to future generations by reducing our impact on the planet. I will be researching various healthy living topics and sharing with you what I find. My goal is to live healthier and improve the all-around health of my family and the world I live in. Along the way maybe I can help you too. I hope you will follow along and share in my journey.

New Design + Updates

New Design + Updates The new design was just launched today. I’ve been working hard on it the last few weeks and it feels good to get it done. I’ve added some new content to the site as well. Now and then I will make a post like this one to keep track of whatContinue reading this post…