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How to Make Almond Butter

How To Make Almond Butter

Today we are going to talk about how to make almond butter in your blender. Now for this task you definitely need a strong blender so if you haven’t already, please do consider purchasing one (you can read my Vitamix review first if you’d like). I’m sure you’ve noticed that almond butter is crazy expensive if you buy it from the grocery store and it’s not any cheaper at the health food stores either. It’s a much better value to buy raw almonds in bulk from a source like OhNuts or even better to buy them in bulk locally if you can find a good deal. Besides it being cheaper the other plus to making your own almond butter is that the fresh taste just can’t be beat. There is nothing better than just-made almond butter that is still warm when you lick it off the spoon. Yum! Okay, enough with the tease, let’s get started.

Now most people will tell you that you have to use oil when you make almond butter or else you’ll end up with a sticky almond paste instead of a creamy almond butter. Well that is true if you just throw your raw almonds straight into the blender but I have a tip for you.

Warm Your Almonds

Before you blend, warm your almonds up in the oven. We are not trying to dry roast them here as that will alter the flavor and I don’t like the almond butter made from roasted almonds personally. Just pre-heat your oven to about 250 and put the almonds in for 5 or 10 minutes. You want them to be warm to the touch when you add them to the blender. By warming the almonds first, you prepare them to release their natural oils when you start blending.

Time to Blend

Okay, so you’ve got your warmed almonds. You’ll need at least 3 cups and I’ve made up to 5 cups at once in our tall Vitamix container. Now just add them to the blender, put the lid on and get your tamper ready. This is why I love the Vitamix tamper! Turn the blender on, crank up the variable speed dial all the way and then switch it to high. Start pushing the almonds down into the blades with the tamper. Make sure to alter your angle to get the ones on the sides too. Once you start blending this will take about 2 minutes. When you are about done blending, you’ll notice the blender starts making a different sort of noise as it tries to suck the center of the newly formed almond butter down into the middle. At this point you can ease up on your tamper pushing and just give it a little prod here and there to help out.

Storage and Clean-Up

That’s it. You now have some super creamy almond butter. And I won’t tell if you want to pull the tamper out and lick the almond butter off of it… ;-) . The last step is of course to scoop your almond butter out of the blender and into a storage jar. If you are going to keep it for more than a couple of days you should store it in the fridge. Scooping the almond butter out is the most annoying part of making nut butters in general as they are kind of tricky to get out of the bottom of the blender. It takes a few minutes but that is why I usually make a large quantity at once, so I don’t have to do it regularly. To wash all the sticky leftovers out just run the blender half full of water with a few drops of soap for about a minute, then quickly scrub with a nylon scrubbing brush and run it again for another 30 seconds. This will make it totally clean without the hassle of jamming a sponge down into there.

I haven’t shot a video for this recipe yet, but here is one I found on YouTube for those that prefer video over reading. I hope you enjoyed this almond butter recipe. Happy blending!